2-IN-1 Pet Turbo Brush / Bed Turbo Clean


Great for cleaning furniture, upholstery, pet beds, and more! The Koblenz 2-in-1 Pet Turbo Brush Tool has a rotating brush that easily connects to most vacuum hoses and is recommended for cleaning stairs, upholstery, rugs, and other difficult-to-reach areas in your home while vacuuming.

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  • Eliminates pet hair, as well as dust, germs, and mites
  • Ideal for cleaning furniture, sofas, mattresses, and pillows
  • High-Speed ​​Suction Powered Turbo Rotary Brush
  • Spiral bristles for deep cleaning
  • Roller length 4 ”
  • Easy cleaning
  • Adapter to be used with any Koblenz vacuum cleaner *
  • Grey/Red


  • Width: 4.52”
  • Depth: 1.52”
  • Height: 7.00”