Best Surge Protectors By Koblenz

Power surges are becoming a more and more common occurrence, and it's only a matter of time before your electronics get damaged. Protect your expensive devices with the best surge protectors on the market! With Koblenz's high-Joule rating of our power solution.  You'll be able to plug in all your devices without having to worry about power surges. Plug them in, turn them on, and relax knowing that you're safe from expensive power surges!

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Heavy Duty 10 Outlets Suppressor Power Strip - SS-15010 i


Protect your electronics and enjoy their full potential with a Heavy Duty Power Strip Surge Protector. It has 10 grounded outlets and 2 USB ports 2.4A supercharger, making connecting all devices easy. With 1500 Joules of protection, you can be sure your electronics are safe from power surges and spikes. Connect, protect, and enjoy with a Heavy Duty Suppressor.